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We'll accept anything its maker wishes to call art.

With no restrictions we'll accept one work its maker wishes to call art from anyone who wishes to call him/herself an artist, add to the virtual tour and publish in a catalog.

The idea of the project is based on the notion that there are many more artists than we are used to seeing in exhibitions. "Institutions love restrictions" said Walter Hopps more than forty years ago and made a show with everything artists presented.

In 2017 a young curator Olga Klip followed the aspirations of Walter Hopps and invited all artists in Minsk and all over Belarus regardless of age, sex, education, or exhibition history to bring one art work each. After 36 hours of accepting artists with their works there were 661 artworks in the art gallery of nearly 2000 m2. Since then the exhibition became an annual event and moved to the National Contemporary Art Center (Minsk). In 2019 there were 760 artists with one work each. We published a catalog of works every year and have created a collection of several thousands artists by now.

In 2021 due to the Covid restrictions and the political situation in Belarus the project moved online. Seeing that our exhibition premises are on the web we are glad to invite artists from all over the world to join the project and present one art work or anything its maker wishes to call art. All the collected artworks will be published in a catalog delivered to the participating artists and will be exhibited in a virtual exhibition.

Participation cost 30 byn / 45 złotych / 10 euro / 15 usd

Deadline May 10, 2021 at 23.45 CET



Payment: After submitting your application you will receive by email payment details.

To apply fill out the application form, upload a photo of your artwork, and pay the participation fee until May 10 (23.45 CET).

You can also download the form and send it together with the photo of your artwork to the following address 2021catalog@gmail.com

Only complete and paid applications will be considered.

The catalog of the project will be sent to the recipient's address within three months after the application deadline.

Please, keep your receipt until you receive the catalog.

Our history

In the end of January 2017 two weeks prior to the project opening we announced an open-call for all artists regardless of age, sex, education, or exhibition experience, to bring one art work, or anything its maker would call art. The project was held in a private large-scale art gallery in Minsk, Belarus. Word of mouth spread widely, every art journalist announced the open-call, there were hundreds reposts on Facebook. Artists with their works were accepted for three days during 12 hours daily totaling in 36 hours as an homage to the Walter Hopps' project 36 hours which inspired our undertaking. As a result some 661 artists brought there art works. Among participants there were people of all ages, working in various techniques, prominent artists, children, art students and those who do not take art seriously.

The project was a great success and we repeated it the following year at the National Center for Contemporary Arts (Minsk, Belarus). During the third edition we made the show in three other major cities in Belarus and took the regional participants to the Third exhibition at NCCA. There were 760 participants in 2019. The Covid wanted to ruin our plans in 2020, but we collected art works, made a virtual tour and published a catalog of the exhibition.

In 2021 due to the Covid restrictions and political crisis in Belarus we moved online and decided to invite artists worldwide.

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